Drug Testing

The constantly increasing variety of street drugs, the resourcefulness and creativity of addicted clients and the rising cost of drug

tests strips, can all create financial and logistical challenges while trying to monitor clients compliance with treatment. SLL realized those challenges and has developed programs that can assist facilities in managing their clients.

  • Using the UPLC/MS/MS for detecting and quantification of drugs.
  • Customizable programs to match the facilities unique needs.
  • Clinicians involved in developing our programs.
  • Financially reasonable approaches.


A sophisticated reporting system that uses SAMHSA and NIDA guidelines to logistically match medication prescribed and drugs detected to determine the impact of recovery efforts.

  • Uses cutoff levels below those suggested by SAMHSA.
  • Assist in differentiation between re-use and drug elimination.
  • Serial quantification to determine continued use.

Occult Panel:

A unique methodology to detect drugs that are not traditionally tested by Immunoassays. Specifically for clients that the clinician feel they continue to abuse drugs despite negative drug testing. See our brochure.

  • Methodology unique to SLL.
  • Relies on LCMS capabilities to accurately detect rare analytes.
  • Indicated for cases with aberrant behavior but negative traditional drug test.
  • Tests for drugs not detected by any IA as K2, Fentanyl, Demerol, Ambien, Tramadol, etc.

Addiction team comprised of technical staff, engineers, clinicians, addiction specialists and PhD chemists, delivering a comprehensive approach to addressing facilities needs and concerns.

We can bill Third Parties, patients or charge the facility for our services.

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