SLL in a Nutshell

  1. Drug confirmation and quantification Lab
  2. Specializes in LCMSMS technology
  3. Develop our own software technology
  4. The only truly colored reports in the industry
  5. Unmatched web reporting system with medication tracking
  6. Superior results interpretation through DrugTrailā„¢
  7. Ethical marketing practices
  8. Personable professionals
  9. Fast turn-around and Stat testing
  10. Doctor shopping alert system
  11. Provider Video Support


The mission of Soft Landing Labs is to offer the highest level of quality in drug and biological testing for the purpose of supporting the substance abuse treatment community and enhancing pain management efficiency.


  • Soft Landing Labs will exceed federal and national standards by continuing stringent quality assurance measures and striving to constantly improve the level of services offered.
  • Soft landing Labs will break new grounds in developing new test methodologies and expand its list of analytes to 120.
  • Soft Landing Labs will continue to innovate in the field of bioinformatics, designing new computational technologies that can further enhance the usability of mass spectrometry.
  • Soft Landing Labs will maintain a customer satisfaction score of 99% or higher through personable, professional and superior service and using technology to deliver unmatched turn-around time.


  • Quality: We understand that high quality drug testing should be a standard practice and utilize technology and innovation to exceed customer expectation throughout all phases of testing. We strive to excellence by setting ambitious goals and adopting disciplined approaches to quality control.
  • Cost: We believe that quality drug testing should be cost effective and available to all patients regardless of ability to pay. Drug testing can also reduce healthcare expenses by early detection of abuse and diversion.
  • Compliance: we appreciate the role of the laboratory in supporting providers in regards to compliance and patients safety. Accordingly we developed a deluge of features and capability that can assist with compliance issues, may help in revealing the shortcomings in patients stories and possibly aid in spotting potential drug interactions.

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